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Terah Taali Dance

Tying musical instrument manjira on body and playing it in thirteen different style, originates from Kamada Tribe of Rajasthan. Terah-taal One of the most unique and beautiful Rajasthani dance performed at Lok Dharohar- Heritage Haveli. Terah Taal/Terah Tali means thirteen beats. Originates from Kamada tribe of Rajasthan, it is also performed religiously by devotees of Baba Raamdev temple at Runecha. Dancers tie musical instrument called manjeera on different parts of their body and play it in 13 different styles. It look simple but technically it needs perfection to keep on with the whole dance group.

Terah Taali at Dharohar

The Terah Taali dance derives its name from the word thirteen (terah). In the Terah Taali dance, the performance begins with the male performers playing a four-stringed traditional instrument called a Chautara while women sit on the floor, and they have manjeeras (cymbals) tied to different body parts, such as their wrists, elbows, waists, arms and a pair in their hands. Accompanied by slow and rhythmic chanting from their companions, the dancers gracefully execute various arabesques with their hands. Some dancers may even enhance the performance by balancing pots on their heads and holding a sword in their mouth, adding to the attraction of the dance.

The Terah Taali dance is not just a performance but also a celebration of culture and an homage to the age-old Rajasthani traditions. At Dharohar, we take great care in performing this traditional dance style, aiming to revive this endangered folk dance tradition while providing entertainment to our audience.

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