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Puppet Show

Rajasthani art and music is definitely incomplete without a puppet show, it is the most common entertainment source of Rajasthani people from hundreds of years. Rajasthani string puppet has its own uniqueness and individuality. At Dharohar they have an inimitable concept of puppet dance, generally in puppet shows, the puppeteer always controls the puppet from behind the curtain but here at dharohar both the puppet and puppeteer performs in front of audience which gives equal acknowledgment also to the puppeteer. I have seen the magician puppet that can even pick his head up detaching it from the torso. That was really funny and entertaining.

Puppets Dance to the Sunset's Melody

Imagine entering a world where you get to see the puppets dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire, dancing to folk songs while the puppeteer tells a tale as old as time. That’s exactly what you’ll get to experience here at Lok Dharohar. Once you enter the puppets’ realm, you’ll see them dancing to the sunset’s melody. In India, we call the Rajasthani puppet show “Kathputliwalas.” The vibrant sounds of the dholak drum announce the grand opening of our puppet show. Amidst the lively beats, our talented puppeteers can’t help but express their enthusiasm with cheerful hooting and whistling. Each performance is set on a different theme. Sometimes they are telling an ancient narrative, and other times they’re dancing to folk songs.
Whether you’re a local or a tourist, our shows will never cease to amaze you. The stage setup we have is exquisite, and all our artists are dressed in Rajasthani attire. If you’re visiting with your kids, it’ll be a double advantage for them. Your kids will get to know about different dance forms and the culture in an entertaining way.
Folk Dance show

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