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Ghoomar Dance

Face covered and colorfully dressed women circle around and dance with the rhythm, a well respected traditional dance of Rajasthani royal families. Ghoomar is identified as dance of Rajasthani royal families; traditionally, Rajput ladies perform this in wedding ceremonies, mostly not in front of gents. Although Faces of women are covered with their gungat (veil) and they circle around a flock of other dancers. Ghoomar is conceptually adapted from other ethnic tribe of Rajasthan. The dance keep going up in the speed with the rising music leaves anyone excited.

Graceful Ghoomar

People say India is a unity in diversity, which is true. The food and language in India keep changing every 50-100 kilometers. Every culture has its own unique features; similarly, the Indian state of Rajasthan has a variety of cultural dances, languages, food, and traditional attire. The Ghoomar dance form is one of the many traditional dances of Rajasthan. The word “ghoomar” is derived from the word “ghoomna,” which means twirling. Ghoomar is a simple yet elegant dance form where the performer wears a flared skirt called “ghaghara,” and when they dance in circles, the ghaghara twirls gracefully.

In Rajasthan, it is customary for newlywed women to perform the ghoomar dance as a ritual, often joined by many other women, including her in-laws and neighbors. There is no time limit for this folk dance, and it may continue for hours or even the whole night. During the ghoomar dance, the performers move in a circular direction with both clockwise and anti-clockwise steps. At times, they join their hands or clap as part of the performance.

The dance form exhibits different styles and slight variations in attire across the various regions of Rajasthan. In Udaipur, for example, it resembles the Garba of neighboring Gujarat and carries a strong musical essence. Ghoomar performances often include traditional songs like “Gorband,” “Chirmi Mhari Chirmali”, “Mhari Ghoomar,” and “Mor Bole Re.” These songs may revolve around royal legends or depict their traditions.

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