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Bhavai Dance

Balancing Pots with Precision

Bhavai is a traditional folk dance originating from Rajasthan. Only highly talented artists can master this delicate dance form. It involves women gracefully balancing 8 to 9 earthen or brass pots on their heads while dancing synchronously. At Dharohar, the dancers usually start the performance with one or two pots on their heads. In each consecutive break of a few seconds, they increase the number of pots to six, seven, and nine. This thrilling performance keeps the audience on the edge of their seats as the skilled dancers sway with the pots, sometimes even atop a glass or the edge of a naked sword or brass thali (plate).

Believed to have its roots in Western Rajasthan, the Bhawai dance form was embraced and given a distinct Rajasthani essence by the local tribal communities. The dance portrays the feelings of the communities of Rajasthan, who drew inspiration from their ability to carry multiple pots of water on their heads over long distances in the desert.
The supporting male musicians play traditional Rajasthani folk songs with the help of traditional instruments like dholak, sarangi, harmonium, and many more for the musical backdrop. The performers are adorned in vibrant Rajasthani dresses, enhancing the overall allure of the Bhavai dance. The Bhavai dance has even found recognition beyond India’s borders, as it is being promoted and appreciated overseas.
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